How to Add Multiple Photos to One Instagram Story

Instantly add multiple photos on instagram story even in one insta story, Here is the step-by step guide that can save your time.

Add Multiple Photos to One Instagram Story: If you are an Instagram user and you want to add multiple photos in one Instagram story right? or you are finding the solution to how you can put multiple photos in one Instagram story then congratulations! this is a IG GUIDE.

Congratulations because you are in the right place today. I’m gonna show you how to add multiple photos in one Instagram story whether you have an iPhone or Android smartphone. It doesn’t matter today. We have both processes that will help you to perform this.  

It is not the time taking process. It takes only two minutes to read this post and get what you want. Without wasting any more time let’s get State on today’s article.

How to put multiple photos on one Instagram story 

There are two types of smartphone users based on the OS. First are iPhone users and the second is android users, So first of all. Let’s go for the Android users because the majority wins. 

How to put multiple photos to Instagram story on Android 

To put multiple stories in your one Instagram story you need to follow the below procedure 

  • Go to the Google Play Store and sign up for Instagram beta updates
  • Wait for 10 minutes then update your Instagram app
  • After updating, open your Instagram app  
  • Create an Instagram story 
  • Now click on the sticker icon on the top
  • Tap on “Photo” stickers  
  • Click on that sticker now you can add multiple photos in one Instagram story
put multiple images instagram story
Step 1
choosing sticker
Step 2
add multiple photos
Step 3
put multiple photos on Instagram stories
Step 4

Add multiple photos on Instagram story 

  • Download beta the version of Instagram 
  • Create a story > Tap on Add photo sticker 
  • Now add as many pics as you want.

Now if you are curious how to sign up for a beta Instagram update then here is the way it’s not a long process: Just 10 seconds and you are in. Might helpful:  Want to delete any insatgram post here’s how to do it.

Instagram beta sign up 

  1. Open your play store and search Instagram there
  2. Click on Instagram and scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a beta program
  3. At last click on I am in button
  4. Gotcha! Under 5 minutes you will get signed into the beta program

Or you can click here to join beta directly.

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Now if you are curious why to sign up for the Instagram beta program then let me tell you one thing that for iPhone users there is an option available to put multiple photos in one Instagram story but for Android, it’s not available. 

But finally, Instagram rolled out this feature for the beta app users. 

How to put multiple photos in Instagram story in iPhone 

How to add multiple photos in one Insta Story on iPhone

  • Create a basic Instagram story
  • Tap on the “Sticker” button
  • Press on the “Photo” sticker
  • Select your photo from your camera roll.
  • Resize it 
  • Done 

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Wait, think about a movement that you can add multiple stories in your one Instagram story but what are the benefits right? 

Benefits of adding multiple photos in Instagram stories 

Hopefully, you got this procedure to add or to put multiple photos in one Instagram story but what about the benefits, you should know them.

So here are the few benefits that you will get after putting multiple pictures on one Instagram story. 

  • Your insta stories become more attractive
  • By putting multiple images on one Instagram story you are stories become more engaging means people spend more time watching these stories
  • This increases your CTA so-called call-to-action. 

Hi there! It’s Kunal from Backdroid. Glad to know that you are reading this :D. We are here to inform you that we have an Instagram Guide where we share How tos for instagram.


So that’s it guys today I showed you how to add multiple photos and one Instagram story. Hopefully, this post will be helpful for you to put multiple images on your one Instagram story. It makes Instagram stories more engaging. 

If you have any query let me know in the comments and don’t forget to share this. 

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