Learn; to Add Music to Instagram Story 2022

Here’s how to add music to your Instagram story: with and without lyrics, And I promise that You don't need to go anywhere else to know.

You don’t have to Waste time finding how to add music to Instagram stories.

But Mostly the people do this. Surprisingly you didn’t do this; You came here, thanks :D.

And I promise you don’t need to go anywhere else to know How to add music to Instagram stories. Today, in this post, you will get Interesting information about adding music to your insta stories.

Instagram stories with music are one of the best and highly engaging and make you a cooler person than others. That’s why I recommend everyone add music to their Instagram stories.  

So let’s dive into the post.

How to add music to an Instagram story

So here is how you can add music to Instagram stories that will make your Instagram stories more engaging and give you a fantastic look.

Step 1: Create an ordinary story first. 

add a music sticker

So first of all, go to your Instagram account and create regular storage just by tapping on your profile at the top left and side with your profile is shown with a Plus sign. 

Now add photos or text whatever you want. I am here adding text to my Instagram story. 

After finishing, click on the button below.

Step 2: Add a music sticker 

add a music sticker in insatgram

After creating your 50% story then, you need to tap on that 🙂 so-called sticker button press on it.

Now you will get a whole list of stickers. You can add hashtags and mention anyone, but today, we will add music to the Instagram story, so for this, you need to click on the music sticker.

Step 3: Choose music and time 

select the timeline for song

Congratulations if you have reached here. That means you have almost done it. What you need to do next is to search for any music, but Instagram will show you the top 10 trendy music on your music search page. You can add them also. 

For this, I am adding GTA music to my Instagram story. After clicking on the music, you must select the time zone and the most popular line or section of that particular song. Instagram will recommend you automatically, or you can customize it yourself. 

Here is the exciting part: you can even add music lyrics to your Instagram stories. That means when every Instagram story plays, it will automatically show the music lyrics that are pretty cool, right? 

Step 4: Click on your story to add this story. 

Successfully added music to instagram story

So here is the end of the post where you have completed the whole general journey with me. So after adding music to Instagram stories, the last step you need to do is to tap on your story button on the top left and side to set your music Instagram story to your Instagram profile. 

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How to put music lyrics on an Instagram story 

Above I showed you how you could add music to your Instagram stories, but now I am gonna show you how you can put lyrics for you can add lyrics with songs on the Instagram story right now! 

Let me tell you one thing everything is almost the same. You need to do one more thing to add lyrics to Instagram stories with a song: 

  • First of all, create a simple Instagram story with photos or text.
  • Now tap on the sticker button > Add a music sticker.
  • Now select your favorite music > choose the timeline.
  • Select your lyrics and display style.
music with lyrics insta story

Wow! You got it, man; here I show you how to easily add music with lyrics on your Instagram stories.

So here are the steps to add lyrics to a song on Instagram. Also read: Add multiple photos on your instagram story.

So let me sum up the whole thing that I told you about; it will clear everything.

How to add music to an Instagram story in 5 steps 

Here are the five easy steps to add music to Instagram stories 

  • Create a standard story first 
  • Now add a music sticker to your insta story 
  • Select the music which you want to add
  • Now select the type of music: lyrics or simple
  • At last, upload it.

This is an Insta Guide. So that’s how you can easily add music. I know it’s a bit lengthy, But that’s alright because this will make you remember every step.

Let me know in the comments what your favorite music is, and I will tell you mine in the comments because I can’t tell you my favorite music here. After all, it’s too funny ;D. 

I was hoping you could do it now; let me know your favorite music and which music you want to add to your Instagram story in the comments. 

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