Can people see my second Instagram account? Hide it using this

Here’s a question that most people have, including you; Can people see my second Instagram account?

I used to create my second account, then one thought that I got was Can anyone see my second Instagram account or not? Because there are many people from whom I’m hiding my second IG account, I don’t want them to follow me.

If that’s your scenario, then here’s the Answer.

Can people see my second Instagram account?

Can people see my second Instagram account?

The answer completely depends on the number you’re using. Suppose you’re creating a second Instagram account using your second number, the only people who can find it are those who have your number.

When I created my second account, and my cousin had my number on her phone, then Instagram started suggesting my account to her, I recommended it to you.

Make sure you’re not using the number that others have, or at least those people you want to hide your account from.

I generally suffered a lot because of one BIG MISTAKE!!

my bad mistake gif

Mistake While Creating Second Account Instagram

That’s creating my second Instagram account from the same mobile number Because when I did that, it hurts when you’re resetting the Instagram password.

Moreover, another CAN of it is people who have your number from which you created your account form will get suggestions from Instagram to follow you because they have your contact number on their device.

How can you forget this? 

Now you might have a thought Like; Then who can i hide my second account from everyone or from few peoples then here’s a way to do that!

To Hide Instagram Account from Anyone

These are the 3 best ways to hide a second instagram account from anyone or from someone.

  • Remove the number from your profile, yes after creating an account, edit profile and remove the number.
  • Block all the people from which you want to hide your account/Block those accounts you wish to hide your account from.
  • Use an Odd name and don’t follow the same people you usually follow from the main account.


Q: Can others see if you have multiple Instagram accounts?

Ans: Yes, If they had the phone number from which phone number they created the Instagram account, they would get the account in their suggestion feed or Contact syncing.

Q: Who can see my second Instagram account?

Ans: Only the people who saved your mobile number can see your second account.

Q: Can someone see if I have multiple Instagram accounts?

Ans: Yes, people can see if you have multiple Instagram accounts too, but for that, they might need your mobile number to be saved on their phone.

Q: Can someone see my second Instagram account?

Ans: People can see your second account if your mobile number is saved on their smartphone, then Instagram will suggest your account to them. Moreover, they can find your second account through Contact syncing.

Q: Can you tell if someone has a second Instagram account?

Ans: It is not easy to tell if someone has more than one Instagram account. However, it’s possible if we have their mobile number saved in our phone, the number that they used in account creation.

I hope you find this article useful. Today I tried to answer your query; Can people see my second Instagram account? Or Can anyone see a second Instagram account? I hope you got it. That’s all for today. Right now share this.

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