Instantly: Change Phone Number in Instagram [Simple Guide]

How to Change Phone Number in Instagram. A Simple Guide on Changing Mobile Number Instagram. Learn how to do it; 5 Simple Steps.

Changing the phone number on Instagram is not that easy. Believe me but it’s your cup of tea you can easily Change phone numbers on Instagram. In this article, I am gonna show you how to change a phone number on Instagram. 

In that way, you can add a new number on Instagram or you can remove any phone number from Instagram.

One of my friends Sheetal also tried to change her Instagram phone number. Because when he created her account she added her parent’s phone number into the account. She came to me and asked me how to change it and as always I helped her to change numbers on Instagram. But suddenly when we were changing the phone number.

Then I accidentally tapped on a reel button and something unreal happened… 71 percent of people can’t decode it. In conclusion, I share this story. 

Without wasting any more seconds let’s move on to the instagram tutorial to change the phone number and Instagram account.

How to change phone number in Instagram 

Ok so let’s quickly see how to change numbers in Instagram accounts. You can remove the old number and add the new number to your account. 

Change the Existing Phone Number on Instagram

To change the existing phone number in your Instagram account. In other words, by reading this you will be able to remove the old number and you can also add a new number into your account so that you will receive all your OTP is to change password in Instagram on that new number. 

  • 1. Open Instagram Settings

    Open the Instagram app and tap on your profile on the bottom right side. Then tap on the three dots on the top right-hand side and then get into the Instagram settings. 

  • 2. Tap on Accounts in Settings

    Now here you have to tap on the accounts option. 

  • 3. Click on Personal Account Details

    After getting into the accounts settings > Select personal account information. 

  • 4. Here Tap on the Displayed Phone Number

    In this section, you will be able to see all your basic details: your email, your phone number, your birth year, and your date. So just click on the phone number and select your whole number and backspace it to remove the old number.

  • 5. Enter your New Number

    Type the new number into it and then tap on the Next button right below the input box.

  • 6. Enter the Recived OTP To Change Instagram Phone Number

    Now you will receive an OTP message on the new number you have to add that OTP and then again press continue to replace the old number with the new number in Instagram. 


Ok, so that is how you can change numbers on Instagram. I used this many times to replace my old number with new ones because sometimes the number is not working or for other reasons.

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Here’s the Sheetal’s Story! 

Before starting this tutorial I mentioned that something wrong happened when I was changing her number to a new number. 

What happened was when I tapped on the profile. Then instead of tapping on the three bars, I tapped on the + button then suddenly a real shot and uploaded it automatically. We didn’t do anything. And you won’t believe that it went viral. It got around 751K likes.

Now somehow Sheetal is one of the Instagram influencers these days. Sometimes I still think about how this can happen, how a non-talkative person accidentally becomes an influencer on Instagram with more than 500K followers. And Also Making Money With Instagram.

However, this story tells that luck is a factor that works when you work. Sometimes it is in your favor, sometimes it’s against you. 


That’s it for the tutorial. Today I mentioned how to change phone numbers on Instagram and how to remove old numbers from Instagram and how to add new numbers into Instagram accounts.

I hope you like this tutorial. Let me know in the comments what you think about Sheetal and what your experience is. 

Ruchi Kashyap
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