Following random accounts on Instagram?

You might have seen that suddenly, you started following random accounts on Instagram!! 

The same thing happened with my second Instagram account, where I was pretty inactive. After a month, I opened it back then I saw my following was 96 before then suddenly there were 18 new following increases. 

Now I’m following 114 accounts on Instagram, which are entirely random. You might have the same question. Here’s my honest answer on Why you started following random accounts on Instagram.

Why am I following random accounts on Instagram?

following random accounts on Instagram

Suppose you’ve seen many random accounts that you suddenly started following without your knowledge. It might be due to the reactivation of your Instagram account, the account being hacked, or someone having access to your account.

Reason Why Your Instagram Started Following Random Accounts without your knowing!

Third-party apps might have access to your Instagram account.

If I followed someone way back, they deleted their account, then Now they activated their Instagram account again.

These two are the culprits why you are following accounts automatically. Also read: The Major difference between Followers and Following on INSTA.

How do I know this?

I have gone through the same phase with my second INSTA account.

What to do now?

If you saw a sudden increase in following on Instagram, then here are 3 things to do when you start following random accounts on Instagram.

How to stop my Instagram from following random accounts

How to stop my Instagram from following random accounts

  1. Reset the account password.
  2. Change the password.
  3. Change the Account access.
  4. Logout from every device from settings.

Does Instagram automatically follow accounts?

No, Instagram never follows accounts automatically; it’s the app that has access to your account. If you see a sudden increase in the following list, then it’s mainly because your account is being used by some bots or humans.

Here is a TRUTH!

Everyone wants more Followers, not the great following.

My self.

Is Instagram showing accounts I don’t follow?

Instagram shows accounts you don’t follow in your following list, then your budget might be hacked or used by others. Remove or unauthorised the Instagram account access to third-party apps to stop this.

Today I share my honest opinion on this situation where you suddenly started following random Instagram accounts even if you don’t want to.

I hope this article will help you. It’s a comprehensive guide to stopping Instagram from following random or unknown people.

Ruchi Kashyap
Ruchi Kashyap

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