How to Add Category To Instagram Bio

Here's a tutorial on adding a category/tag to the Instagram bio. A step-by-step guide. With all the screenshots and resources.

Now here’s a tutorial on helping you with adding or putting tags in your Instagram bio.

There could be a few ways to do it, so I’ll showcase all the ways to add tags in the bio.

Instagram bios are changeable, including tags, texts, or links; you can even check old ones.

But for now, let’s see how to add your profession to IG Bio.

How to Add Category To Instagram Bio

Below sharing all the ways and proven working methods to do it:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
instagram app icon

2. Tap on the profile from the bottom.

Tap on Profile IG

3. Select edit profile.

Instagram Edit Profile Button

4. Tap on the category option.

instagram category edit tab

5. Tap the search bar and search for your preferred category.

search for instagram tag for your profile

6. Select the Bio category and tap on the tick on the top right side.

select the one tag from given options and save

7. Then tap on save to edit the changes you’ve done.

instagram category edit tab

This is the so far BEST method to get the tag on the Instagram bio as the account category.

This question has been asked by a user who recently connected with us.

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How do you find an Instagram Bio tag for Instagram?

To find the account tag open the open edit menu, then select the category option given there. Afterward, select tap on the search bar and search for preferred’—tap when you find it. At last, tap on the blue tick on the top right-hand side to save the changes you have made to your IG profile.

A wise man once said You can’t find something unless you look for it.

Search for the tag you are looking for.

Alternate Method to Add Category/Tag To Instagram

It’s my pleasure to share an alternative method, so here we go.

The above way is to add an Instagram category tag, but now to add it to the natural bio.

  1. Open the Insta app.
  2. Tap on the profile.
  3. Select the edit profile.
  4. Put ‘Any tag’ in the bio.
  5. Save the image.

That is how you can add the category tag to the Instagram profile. I hope you found the article helpful.

List of Instagram Category For Bio

With this tutorial, you can add any of the given categories to the Instagram bio:

  • Advertising/Marketing
  • Agriculture
  • Athlete
  • Arts and Entertainment
  • Automotive, Aircraft, and Boat
  • Beauty, Cosmetic and Personal Care
  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Food and Beverage
  • Hotel and Lodging
  • Legal
  • Local Service
  • Media/News Company
  • Medical and Health
  • Non-Government Organization
  • Nonprofit Organization
  • Public and Government Services
  • Real Estate
  • Science, Technology, and Engineering
  • Shopping and Retail
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Travel and Transportation
  • Armed Forces
  • Charity Organization
  • Community Service
  • Country Club / Clubhouse
  • Environmental Conservation Organization
  • Labor Union
  • Private Members Club
  • Religious Organization
  • Social Club
  • Sorority and Fraternity
  • Sports Club
  • Youth Organization
  • Art
  • Book and Magazine
  • Music
  • Show
  • TV and Movies
  • ATM
  • Campus Building
  • City Infrastructure
  • Landmark and Historical Places
  • Locality
  • Meeting Room
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Public Toilet
  • Religious Place of Worship
  • Residence
  • Brand
  • Cause
  • Just for Fun
  • Public Figure
  • Model
  • Writer


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