Learn; Change or Reset Instagram Account Password 2022

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Nowadays, Everyone there keeps uploading pictures, stories, Instagram reels, etc. What if you forget your Instagram password or want to know how to change your Instagram password. 

So stay tuned today I am gonna show you how to change Instagram password in just 5 minutes faster than ever. This is a Instagram Tutorial Guide.

In terms of settings, Instagram is a bit complicated because it has lots of settings and lots of things to do in the Instagram app. You won’t believe that 7 people who read my article on how to increase Instagram followers in 5 minutes grew their Instagram account from 0 followers to 7K or even 9000 followers on insta. 

So let’s see how you can change your Instagram password on your mobile device.

How to change Instagram password 

If you are an Instagram user let me tell you something. There are two types of users one always remembers the password like a topper of the class and one like me always forgets their password after changing it. If you are like me, here are the two ways that help you to reset your Instagram password and change your password.

How to change password in Instagram 

If you haven’t forgotten your Instagram password then this technique will work for you to change your pass: 

change instagram password
  • Go your Instagram account > Settings 
  •  Security > Password
  • Now type your current ig pass then-new Instagram password

It is the easiest way to change an Instagram password, but how could you change it if you forget your Instagram password? Let’s check it out.

How to reset Instagram password 

So if you have forgotten your Instagram password then no need to worry today because you’re on Instagram Helper – Backdroid and Here I’m going to show you how you can reset your forgotten Instagram password there are two ways that I am gonna show you follow the procedure to recover your Instagram account

Reset Instagram password using insta app 

You don’t need to worry about its tap; it’s just an Instagram app in short form. So here is the process that you can follow if you have already logged in to your Instagram account and you don’t know your password then you can follow this otherwise scroll up it down you will get another procedure

  • Instagram settings > Security
  • Password > forget password 
reset instagram password

When you click on the forget password button a password reset link will automatically send to your phone number or your email account just by clicking on that link you can reset your password here is how: 

  1. The first step find that message and click on the reset-password button or on that link
  2. Now a new window will pop up where you have to add your new password and then confirm it and then ok you have done.
changing insta password

Reset password online 

This is how you can reset the Instagram password without using the Instagram app just by using any phones default web browser 

  • Go to the https://www.instagram.com/accounts/password/reset/
  • Then enter your username/email/phone number that you have registered with that account
  • Then they will automatically send you a link to your number email just by pressing that you can reset your Instagram password
browser method

So that’s it guy this is the whole Instagram guide but today I taught you how to change your Instagram password and how to change your  Instagram password. Hopefully, it will work for you if you face any problems let me know in the comments I will reply to you as soon as possible.

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