Method to Get 1k+ Followers on Instagram – 5 Minutes

This is How to get 1k+ followers on Instagram in 5 Minutes using these 5 easy methods that no one will tell you to increase instagram followers.

Using this way I got more then 1K (1007) followers in 5 Minute on Instagram.

Belive me or NOT! That’s the excat same techniques that Few people are using and reaching to New Audience.

According to backlinko, the average person spends 28 minutes using Instagram. From the past few years, there are thousands of new influencers taking place on Instagram. In Instagram, everyone wants followers, likes, shares. Today I am gonna show you how to get 1K plus followers on Instagram in 5 minutes. It’s like a 5-minute tricks video. 

But 30% of The people buy fake followers or use fake follower apps that decrease their account authenticity. Followers are just a number until they appreciate us.

If you ever tried to get 1k+ followers on Instagram in 5 minutes (fake followers) then you will see they will start decreasing automatically or they won’t like your images or whenever you upload an image your 1-5 followers will automatically decrease.

Every method is gonna be genuine that won’t harm your Instagram account but it will grow your Instagram account and you can build your hasFan following.

If you want to get 1K followers on Instagram in 5 minutes then you need to be super dedicated to your work. Clap for yourself when no one is clapping for you.

So let’s get started with the Instagram Followers guide.

How to get 1K plus followers on Instagram in 5 minutes

So this is not going to be super easy but today we will make it easier to achieve with the techniques that we can use to increase Instagram followers.

1. Don’t tell anyone

When we are new to Instagram and we are trying to build our name on Instagram then we all made a mistake which is sharing our photos and videos with the guys who are not interested or very least interested. 

Suppose you are my friend and I sent you a video on how to make ice cream and I told you to go and like the video. 

don't share on insta

So you will open that video and like and then just come back and that hurts the Instagram algorithm. Doing this can decrease your Instagram reach.

But what if I tell you you are my friend who is interested in cricket and I send a video to you in which I told the one interesting cricket fact that no one knows then guess what will happen he will automatically watch that video, and if the video is really interesting he will automatically like comment and add it to his story.

Next time don’t try to send the video/photo first.

Thats why check your friend’s interest if he is interested in that particular topic that you are creating then send him.

2. Small tags : Best method to get 1K followers

using proper hashtag on instagram to increase follower count

Probably you have heard of hashtags that everyone tells us to use. To get more likes and followers but that is not correct here is a correct way to use hashtags to increase your Instagram reach and get more followers on Instagram.

So try to use small hashtags in which there are fewer posts live. Whenever we add a hashtag it shows the number of posts on the right side. 

You have to use small hashtags that have less than 10000 posts that will help you to increase your reach in small places rather than catching BIG fish trying to get 100 small fishes.

Read more about Instagram hastags here

3. SEO : Get insta followers 

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. And this is the greatest way to increase your followers. 

instagram seo

Moreover, SEO is done by the bloggers or YouTubers to rank their video/blog post on the top but if you do so in your Instagram account you will get more trees and more age is equal to more followers and fans.

What you have to do is to add some keywords after your Username like

My name is Kunal then I can use; “Kunal | A blogger” so you can do something like this if you are an actor trying to add an actor after your name. 

I hope that this technique will help you to reach more people and gain more followers on Instagram.

4. Drop by drop: Secret formula

You had to be consistent to grow your Instagram account In the same way that the hard stones are also marked by the coming of the rope, again and again, the person also gains followers one day after repeated practice. 

So here I am sharing a secret thing with you. If you do this every week I am not sure but most probably this technique worked on most of the Instagram accounts that I saw. They are using the exact technique by seeing their post date I get this formula.

5. Get more followers on Instagram

You have to post-fire reels a week, 3 feeds post per week, and 5-10 stories a day. And remember your 20% of storage should be interactive so that the audience can interact with you.

6. Make Reel : to get 1k followers in 5minute 

However, After the tuk-tuk getting banned in India Instagram introduced the reels feature which is similar to the tuk-tuk, and nowadays it is the most popular once everyone is making their lives and in the first- the second video their views are getting 1000- 1500. 

Reels are the best thing to reach your perfect audience and this reveals add some hashtags in your captions and your small text you have to get 600 small fish rather than one giant big fish. Read more from Neil patel 10 Actionable Tips to Use Instagram Reels For Your Brand


So this is how you can get 1K plus followers on Instagram in 5 minutes but it takes time. THis article is the part of our instagram guide. It takes persistence. Nothing can happen in 5 minutes because there are thousands of new creators joining every week then you have to stand for yourself. It’s your time you have to shine. Let me know in the comments what your username is. I will try to follow you.

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