How to know if someone blocked you on Instagram 2022

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How to Know if someone blocked you on instagram 2022 or deleted their account; Instagram is one of the best mediums of communication but what you’re the communication got interrupted and we think that you are blocked by someone. It’s the most common problem nowadays. 

Once in a while, we got blocked by someone and sometimes we also blocked someone else and there is one question in a mind is how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram and that is the most interesting question actually because nowadays people can either block you or can restrict you or can delete their Instagram account and these are the almost similar to blocking but we thought we are blocked by someone. 

Sometimes I also get blocked by someone but anyways today I am going to show you how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram. And this article is the part of our Guide on Instagram.

How to know if someone blocked you on Instagram 2022

So I am here today to share with you how to know if someone blocked you on Instagram their three easy steps to check it out

Being blind – To know if you are blocked or not

Instagram blocked account

If you are blocked by a person then there is a high possibility that you can’t see his or her profile and you are no longer able to follow him or her.

But wait, this exact thing happens when someone deletes their Instagram account but there is a difference between getting blocked by someone and someone deleted their account.

Is the account deleted?

When someone deleted their account when you visit their profile from your past chats then you will see an Instagrammer that means the account has been deleted by the account owner. 

But if you can see his or her username on his / her profile that means you are probably blocked by that person. Get more help here:

What is a Restricted Account in Instagram

features of restricted account

In short and sweet words you can shut down any commenter you chose, without that person’s knowledge, which means they can go on thinking they’re reaching you, and your followers, but they won’t be. 

No way to communicate – Learn If you are blocked by anyone

You get blocked by any person then you can’t communicate with him/her. but still you can send them messages but you want to see the seen(which means a person I had seen your message) sign. 

Moreover, You are getting from this phase there is the last option that you can do to check whether you are blocked to buy that person or not and let’s move on to our last and final step to the accurate results.

New one 

So this is the last technique that you can use to check if someone blocked you on not let’s try it out let’s move onto the technique new one.

To follow this technique you need an alternate Instagram account whether you can create a new one or you can get your friends Instagram account and search their username if the profile is visible to them that means you are blocked by that person.

So hopefully these are the methods that you can try to know if someone blocked you on Instagram or not? Let me know in the comments is this Instagram tutorial helpful to you? Have a nice day.

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