How to know if someone declined your friend request on Instagram?

How many times does it happen when you send a follow request on Instagram, but you won’t see anything. How do you know if someone declined your follow request on Instagram? 

In this tutorial, I am gonna show you how to know if someone declined your friend request or your follow request on Instagram. 

These are exact ways that you could know if someone declines the request on Instagram. 

I had the personal experience and a very recent instance to share. 

To know if someone declined your friend request on Instagram | Declined Follow Request on Instagram

1. Follow Button Changes.

If you send anyone a follow request on Instagram and after a few hours or a few days you check back their profile and you find that the follow button is against showing on instead of request. 

When you find the requested button has been replaced with the following is the movement the decline your follow request. 

Because the moment when you request someone to follow and when you tab the follow button to button turns itself into requested button but when the button turns into the following button again that means the person declined your request. Also Read: What does the green following on Instagram mean? | Instagram Green Following Button!.

Now, this brings me to the second point which is important in checking if someone declined your friend request on Instagram. 

2. Check the Following List.

You can’t see them in your following list. 

Whenever you follow any person on Instagram they will automatically add up into the following list. 

Here is how you can check if someone follows you back or not if you want

Anyways if you can’t find the person in your following lists that means the person has declined your request. They don’t want you to follow them. I don’t want to share their post stories with you. 

These are the two effective ways to check if someone declined the following request on Instagram or not. 

Moreover, if the person blocked you then you can’t visit their profile.  

I hope this article will help you don’t worry if someone is not accepting your follow request. It’s totally fine. 

Don’t forget to share your experience in the comments if someone declines your Instagram follow request. It happens you did it also happens with me and time heals everything I hope you understand. 

Have a nice day don’t forget to share your Instagram follow decline experience in the comments. 

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