Instagram Keeps Crashing; While posting;story, reel, pic

Instagram Keeps Crashing Fix; Solve the crashing issue. 4 Easy steps to. Know the reasons why does instagram keeps crashing. Permanently.

Probably at this moment, Instagram keeps crashing again and again. While you are trying to post something on a story on your Android/iPhone while making reels while posting anything on Instagram. 

I promise that after reading this article you don’t need to go anywhere else to fix Instagram crashing issues. In this article, I am gonna teach you how to fix or how to stop Instagram crashing problems. 

Instagram Keeps Crashing; While posting;story, reel, pic

I know how it feels when you are trying to make reels or trying to post anything but suddenly Instagram crashes. It hurts right. 

So let’s get started with the guide on Instagram crashing fix permanently

Before directly moving on to the solution first of all let’s see what are the reasons Why Does Instagram Keep Crashing.

Let’s Fix Instagram Crashing and Stopping in Backdroid Style.

If Instagram keeps crashing or stopping, It can be fixed by installing the App and installing it again. Clearing the Instagram cached files, Move App to internal. However, if it still exists, In Android, update the apps like Android System webview, and Play services, But in iOS, report to developers.

Why Does Instagram Keep Crashing 

There could be many possible reasons behind every Instagram crash. Sometimes it could be device compatibility, and sometimes it could be a bug on Instagram. Below is the list of reasons why Instagram keeps crashing. 

  • Probably your device is not compatible 
  • With a recent update, there is a bug on your smartphone
  • Any recently installed app from third party sites
  • Data corruption in App 

These are some possible reasons why it is crashing and not working.

On that note let’s quickly move on to the methods and techniques that you could follow to fix it permanently. This is a part of our insta tutorials.

How to Fix Instagram Crashing Issue 

Above I already discuss some of the reasons why this is happening on your smartphone. Now let’s see what are some of the ways that you could follow. That Might lead you to crash-free Instagram. 

1. Uninstall the App manually 

Many people don’t uninstall Instagram App even when I say that this could fix the Instagram crashing and many problems. 

uninstall the app to fix instagram crash

To fix Instagram keep crashing you need to uninstall the Instagram app right now. After uninstalling, restart your phone. At this point install the Instagram app again. Log in with your account details. Wow! Now everything will work fine. 

This is one of the actionable steps that you could follow right now just by pressing the home button and completing this process but before that. Do you remember your Instagram password? Many people didn’t. I don’t even know what my Instagram password is. 

Right after uninstalling and restarting your phone, you can install the Instagram App back on your phone. And this time Instagram won’t crash. 

2. Clear Cache to Fix Instagram Crash

This is one of the steps that I told anyone when an app starts crashing on a Smartphone. Whether the app is Instagram or WhatsApp or any other apps. If they start crashing the first step I think you should follow to clear the cache but on Instagram, I would suggest you uninstall the app and then install it back after restarting.

clear the cache of Instagram - FIX CRASH

But in case if it didn’t work then this is the step that might fix the problem of crashing. 

To clear the cache of Instagram follow this. Get into settings > Apps > Select Instagram here > Tap on storage option > Touch the Clear Cache Button. Right after clearing the cache, close all your apps.

And start the Instagram App again. Probably this time Instagram won’t crash because we did something incredible.

3. Clearing Internal Storage 

Many people underestimate the power of internal storage. They are not using SD cards and start filling the internal storage. This could be the reason why Instagram keeps stopping. 

Clean internal storage

Internal storage is just like your mind. If you fill it with many many things it won’t work properly and sometimes whenever you are remembering something remembering any command it will stop working.

And that is the exact thing that happened with the Instagram app. Nowadays there is an incompatibility: you can’t move apps from internal storage to SD cards. This is why Instagram is installed on the internal storage and whenever your storage is full. The app won’t work with its full capability. And in the end, it starts lagging or won’t work properly. 

So what I recommend to you is just clear or clean your internal storage like move your files from internal storage to external storage

On that point let’s move on to the fourth method that you could follow on your smart device.

4. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps 

This is also an underrated step that most people ignore. Only 5% of people take this seriously. But that’s wrong.

Uninstalling unnecessary or unuseful apps is a required step that any Android user should follow.

Yeah, this is the reason why you should uninstall unnecessary apps. Basically when you have too many apps installed on a device and some of the apps are like sending a notification every hour or every minute then this could create a lag on your smartphone. And while your device is lagging and focusing on the other task on other apps. Then it won’t focus on Instagram which you are currently using. 

Moreover, this could create an insane amount of frame drop or hang issues on your phone.

At this moment I would recommend you to uninstall all the unnecessary apps which are creating notifications on your smartphone or you can just block the notification. 

Instagram Reels Freezing? Best Fix!

If an instagram reels freezing on Android, chances are the issue can be quickly fixed by clearing out excess data stored or clearing the phone’s cache and deleting any unused apps. A slow Android phone may require a system update to get it back up to speed, although older phones may not be able to run the latest software properly.

IG Reels Crashing? A great way to fix!

If Reels crash during waiting then it can be resolved by updating the app, clearing the cached data or switching to a stable internet connection. Even Though Instagram reels the main crash due to device incompatibility, to fix it update the device OS, although older phones may not receive these updates.

Instagram Crashing While uploading Reel/Posts/Story/Photos? Try this.

Every time Instagram crashes while posting reels, stories or photos, the main reason is insufficient RAM & Storage, moreover an unstable network connection. Instagram Crashing/Freezing/Stopping (All three) issues can be fixed by Updating the app, Swing to a stable connection or Clearing out cached app files.

To Fix Instagram Lag/Crash/Stopped/Freeze

The Best way to fix instagram lag/crash/stopped/freeze is by updating the app, deleting the junk files, and freeing the internal storage. A stable internet connection can fix instagram all issues. Although, deleting temp files & updating the app can alternatives to switching the connection.

4 Steps for those Whose Instagram App keeps crashing or stopping constantly:

  • Reinstall the App after Clearing cached data.
  • Restart the device a few times.
  • Update the System apps.
    • For Android: Update the apps like Android System Webview, Google play services, etc.
    • For iOS: Report the issues to the developers from the App store.
  • Check if updates for smartphones are available.

Final Words

Ok, so that’s it for today. Today I mentioned 4 insane techniques that people are using and found useful. Today I showed you why Instagram keeps stopping/crashing. What are the reasons behind the Instagram crash and how you could fix it? I hope you like our website too:

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