Instagram Pictures Not Loading/Showing? Here’s What you should do!

You might be wondering why Instagram images are not loading/showing, what is the reason? 

This could happen in many scenarios when you have opened your Instagram and you are just crawling but not every man is loading and in some cases, all the IG images are not loading or showing. 

So in this article, I am gonna teach you some exact steps that I followed to fix this error. A couple of weeks ago the same thing exist on my device when I open my Instagram App can’t see my best friends picture that he recently uploaded with the caption “life can’t be perfect but the outfit can be” I was wondering what my friend has posted but Instagram images not loading so what I did I tried all these steps and they fix this problem completely. 

Instagram Pictures Not Loading/Showing 

Below are some tips that you could follow to fix Instagram photos not showing or photos not loading. Although I am considering that you have checked your internet connection Wi-Fi connection. This article is the part of our: Instagram Guide

Clear the Cache of Instagram

clear the cache of Instagram - FIX CRASH

You could clear the cache of the Instagram app. Cache stands for the temporary data that has been stored on your internal storage so whenever you open the app again it won’t be loaded with the help of the internet. Many times the corrupted cache data could be the culprit why Instagram photos are not showing. Here’s How to: Clear Cache on Instagram 2022.

Restart Phone

Restart Phone

One more thing you could try is to close the Instagram app and restart your smartphone right after it starts. You can try to open the Instagram app again and most probably the photos will start loading and will start showing on your Instagram feed. 

Recently I made an article about what restarting does. This shows the benefits of restarting and what happens to the device when you restart the smartphone is a completely different level of thing. 

Update and Uninstall App 

uninstall the app to fix instagram crash

So the third thing that you could do with Instagram App when photos not showing Instagram is to update your current version of the Instagram app or you could uninstall and reinstall the app. There are two different kinds of things that I showed you. 

  1. First of all, try to update your Instagram App if it is outdated. Many times Instagram has updated its system to load profiles and photos more quickly. For this, they added some code. And because your app is outdated that means you don’t have that compatibility to load images that people have posted from the new Instagram App so try to update your Instagram App asap. 
  2. Secondly, well try to uninstall the Instagram app because sometimes there is some kind of problem that is happening with your installed apps should try to uninstall it and restart your smartphone then after it is turned on go into the App Store or Play Store install the app back again now this time the photos will start loading. 

Ok, so that’s it. These are some actionable steps that you could use to fix Instagram images not showing or Instagram photos not showing loading. These are some issues that people are suffering with nowadays so I thought of writing a great article about it. 

I hope you found this article useful. Let me know in the comments if it works because it works for me and works for 15 others who mentioned me on Instagram. Although, you want to watch over heels for short videos you can do it here I’d mention two videos one from Instagram and one from a YouTube channel. Have a nice day. 

Ruchi Kashyap
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