Why Won’t Instagram story upload? Fix Story not uploading 2022

Probably you’re trying to upload a story on Instagram but you can’t because Instagram couldn’t upload your story and you might question “why won’t my Instagram story upload” or ‘How to Fix Instagram Story Couldn’t Upload 2022‘. This is the problem that most Instagram users suffer nowadays if they are using a lite app then obviously suffer. 

How to Fix Instagram Story Couldn’t Upload 2022

However, here is the good news. In today’s article, I am gonna tell you ‘why is my instagram story not uploading’ and tell you all the things that you should follow when an Instagram story is not uploading. Let’s move on to fixing instagram story upload failed.

1. Check the Network. 

The first thing you need to realize is that whenever you can’t upload a story on Instagram there might be a network issue which itself is the root of all the problems. 

So whenever you try to upload a story on Instagram make sure that your internet is working properly. If it is not then try toggling on and off airplane mode and try rebooting the smartphone. 

2. Try Using a Browser.

The second thing you need to do is to upload an Instagram story from Instagram from the browser app. Sometimes apps encounter an internal bug that causes these kinds of issues. Sometimes users can’t refresh their IG Feed and sometimes they can’t upload a story on Instagram so whenever it happens try to open Instagram in the web browser and then try to upload a story. Also read: Learn; to Add Music to Instagram Story 2022.

3. Try A Different Image or Choose a different post.

If you have any stored image of any person whom you are trying to upload a story of, try capturing a new image or a new screenshot of that picture to make sure it’s a fresh file that could upload to the story. 

For instance, Recently Ruchi tried to figure out why Instagram won’t let her stories be uploaded so she feels that she uploaded a story from the app by changing the image like for example she is using image ‘A’ then she moves to the image ‘B‘ how it works. 

So whenever you can’t upload stories on Instagram try using a different picture or different image. Or here’s How to Add Multiple Photos to One Instagram Story.

4. Give It a Movement.

Imagine the scenario when you are trying to upload an Instagram story constantly but it just keeps loading but Instagram is not uploading the story. 

This thing mainly happens when Instagram servers are down. Here is how you can check Instagram services whether they are down or up

So one of the things that I also noticed is that whenever you try can’t upload an Instagram story, try after a certain time because maybe their service will start working. 

I tried it out myself. You should also try its very initial fix. 

That you should follow whenever you can’t upload Instagram stories or whenever the Instagram stories are not uploaded. 

Why Won’t Instagram Story Upload 2022?

Sometimes the reason behind Instagram stories not uploading is you’re using a lite app or using a wrong picture whose size is big in size, and sometimes there might be network issues and there might be Instagram servers issues so try after movement and make it uploaded. 

Conclusion: Story Not Uploading

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