Personal Instagram Account 2023 (Exactly what)

Here is what exactly a personal Account means on Instagram.

Because people have questions about what a personal Account on Instagram means, here’s everything you need to know about a personal Account on Instagram.

Including: how this is different from a business Instagram Account and how it is different from a creators Instagram Account

Personal instagram account type

Personal Instagram Account

First, let’s look at the basic definition of a personal Instagram account.

A personal Instagram Account is an individual account that does not show you insights like reach, Impressions, C.T.R., engagement, and other metrics that creator and business accounts have.

Instagram account insights

With a personal Instagram account, you cannot analyze your I.G. Account.

A personal Account for Instagram is best for those who don’t want to use the advanced Instagram metrics and use Instagram for fun and not for Influencer marketing to promote their businesses.

An example of Instagram’s Account Type

an example of personal instagram account

All my friends use personal Instagram accounts because they are not Instagram influencers. Moreover, they have no requirement for the metrics like reach, Impressions, or the business Instagram Account to book something to get a trial.


So these are the basics you need to know about your personal Instagram Account.

What does a personal Instagram Account mean? 

A person’s Instagram Account is an individual Account for those who are neither a creator nor business owners. A personal Account is an Account that does not create Content to reach or promote anything.

Personal Account type users use it for fun and entertainment.

So the question is whether you should use a personal Instagram Account or switch to a business or creator Instagram Account.

Should I use my personal Instagram?

If you use Instagram for fun or to stay connected with your friends to share photos or stories (reels), you should strongly go with the person or the individual Instagram Account type.

That is more useful for you if you don’t require all the metrics like how many people this post reach.

On the other hand, if you want to see all the advanced insights, like if you post something, you want to see how many people viewed or how many Impressions it gets and how many people engage with it.

For that, you need a creator Instagram Account or a business Instagram Account, and a creator Instagram Account is my personal choice.

Not for reading?

What type of Instagram Account would I use if I were in your shoes?

If I am not a professional blogger or an Influencer, I will probably use the personal Instagram Account that’s more favorable for me. 

If I were in your shoes, but when it comes to Content making or influencing marketing, I would probably use the creator’s Instagram Account, which would be more beneficial for me then.

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I hope this example will help you decide if you want to switch to the creator Instagram Account or switch from a personal Instagram account to a business Instagram account. 

I recently made an Article on how to turn off a Business Account on Instagram if you are interested and already have a business account. Here is a tutorial that it then learns from to turn off the business account on I.G.

Today I showed you What is a personal Account on Instagram? How it’s different from the rest of the account types, including creator and business I.G. accounts. Have a nice Day.

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