Reset Instagram Explore Page Using this way 2023; Easily!

Reset Instagram explore page: we all want to reset Instagram explore page where all the unnecessary photos and videos are showing that is not relevant to you. 

Mr. Joseph recently asked us: how to reset the Instagram explore page. Kunal, please let me know if there is any method to reset the Instagram explore page because my Instagram pages are full of Instagram models and girls. But I don’t want to see them. 

Change or Reset Instagram Explore Page 2023

By the way, here is one of the honest stories of one of my close friends Bhavesh, below about his father and Instagram explore page. 

Now you can see how things are happening on Instagram. It shows things you are not interested in and think you are. 

But anyways, in this tutorial, I am gonna teach you three things you should consider to reset your Instagram explore page. 

I promise you now you will choose your Instagram feed for things you want to see on this page. 

How to Reset Instagram Explore Page/Feed

Below are the three steps you need to reset your Instagram explore feed. 

  • Open Instagram Explore Page

    Firstly, you need to open your Instagram explore feed.

  • Select any post you like

    Where you need to figure out things that you like. Suppose any Tech post or someone is playing it. Are you like the step on it and like that video or post? 

    What it does is it will let Instagram know that you are interested in a man playing guitar. 

  • Mark posts as not interested

    Now in the second step, you need to scroll down and select the post you are not interested in. Suppose you are not interested in coffee-related force, then select it. Tap three dots at the top of the post and select I am not interested. 

    This thing will let Instagram know that you are not interested in coffee anymore. 


Now you need to repeat this for two or three days continuously. Of course, you don’t need to like terms today, but two or three will be sufficient for resetting your Instagram explore feed. 

Just for fun sharing one of my close friends’ examples! 

By the way, I don’t share it with anyone…sssssssh. 

OK, so Bhavesh has all the models and girls on his Instagram explore page, and you can imagine what I’m talking about. 

Then his dad takes his phone and opens Instagram to search for his ID to follow himself. 

When his dad was on the explore tab what if found was all the kinds of adult content on the Instagram Explore Page. 

And Bhavesh was shocked because he knew that his father was gonna watch all those videos that Instagram was suggesting he watch

At last, he (his father) didn’t talk about it, ignored everything, searched for their own Instagram username, and followed their account. 

The moral of the story is: try to reset things as quickly as you can, otherwise you will be reset. 

Reset Instagram Explore Feed

Now let me sum up everything. I hope you won’t forget it yet! Below is all the summarising of this article.

  • Tap on the explore page and like all the posts that you are interested in. 
  • However, tap on the post you are not interested in, then tap on three dots and let Instagram know you are not interested. 
  • You can clear your Instagram search history. 
  • Spend most of your time on the post you are interested in from the IG explore page.

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Instagram explore page reset: Conclusion.

So, I showed you how to reset the Instagram explore page today. Resetting Instagram explore feeds is not that easy. You need to work daily to fill it with the good content you want to watch. 

Let me know your thoughts on Bhavesh and his father in the comments. And what’s your experience with the Instagram explore page?

Have a nice day, and have fun in the comments.  

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