This is How to See Posts you’ve liked on Instagram 2023

This is how simple it is: checking what post you liked on Instagram : 3 simple steps. As you know, we have like terms of Instagram posts.

See posts you’ve liked on Instagram 2023: In this article, I will show you how to check liked posts on Instagram, or you can say what post you liked on Instagram. 

It’s very, very, very, very urgent, bruh! How to know what post you liked on Instagram? Please let me know the answer as soon as possible! Kunal, I have liked multiple posts on Instagram, but recently I liked a video, but it’s lost. I wanted to watch it again and let my family know it’s something to relate to, but I can’t find it. But still, I remember something that I liked about that video. Now I wanted to know how to check what posts I liked on Instagram. Questioning you because I trust you more than anyone on the internet. 

How to See What Posts You’ve Liked on Instagram?

Below is the easy procedure to check out what post you liked on Instagram. Using this way, you can check all the liked posts, reels, and igtv videos that you liked using your account quickly.

  • Open the App

    First, you need to open the Instagram app. 

  • Move onto Settings of Instagram

    You have to tap on the profile button and then tap on the three dots in the top right-hand corner. Then select the settings. 

  • Tap on Accounts, then Posts You’ve Liked

    In the settings, you need to tap on accounts. In this menu, scroll down and select “post you have liked,” which is shown by the text “Posts you’ve liked.” Just tap on that menu. 

All Instagram Posts You’ve Liked

This is how simple it is: checking what post you liked on Instagram is just three simple steps. As you already know, we have like terms of Instagram posts every day. Instagram became a living somehow. 

So that’s it for today. Hey, Bradley, I hope you can check Instagram likes posts. 

Conclusion: See posts you liked on Instagram 2023

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Ruchi Kashyap
Ruchi Kashyap

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