Why Instagram Stories Blurry [Instagram Story Blur FIX]

instagram blurry story; With muisc, GIF. Learn How to Remove blur from instagram stories. Enchance instagram's stories quality.
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Stories blur Instagram: I don’t know if you feel it or not but actually when you create Instagram stories your quality is Fabulous but when it comes to uploading that story and when you view it you think what happened to the story quality… that wasn’t expected.

Most people nowadays are facing this issue when they are creating Instagram stories. The quality was extremely good while creating. After uploading this story, their quality decreased. Why is this happening? Have you ever thought about it? 

And these are the main questions that have been asked by many people on my Instagram (@backdroidcom) which are: why Instagram stories blurry, blur in Instagram stories, why my Instagram stories are blurry, Instagram story blur… etc.

That’s why today I am writing this. If you are also facing this then this is the tutorial to fix this problem permanently just by using the one-step formula that I recommend to all of them and I am also recommending this to you. This tutorial is the part of our guide.

Fix Instagram story blur permanently with the one-step method 

Above I already told you that many people are complaining about their Instagram stories. When we are creating it the quality of stories is fabulous but after uploading the quality decreases.

So here is this remedy that you could follow on your smartphone whether it’s Android or iPhone it doesn’t matter.

Just turn off the setting to get better quality in Instagram stories | Remove Blur Instagram Stories 

There is an option in Instagram settings that is causing this error. To fix it just disabled what I am gonna show you below.

Get into Instagram settings > then tap on account > here to touch cellular data usage > Turn off the data saver. To fix or to remove blur from Instagram stories

Do you remember the time when people were creating Instagram reels about how to save mobile data while using Instagram and how to decrease the data consumption in Instagram by turning on data saver? 

And yes that was the thing that is creating the issue whenever you are using your mobile data to create Instagram stories and when you upload it the quality decreases automatically because you have turned on the data saver. Which is decreasing the Instagram stories quality. 

Why Instagram story blurry 

Many people are complaining about their Instagram stories getting blurred. This is happening because their Instagram data saver has been turned on. Just by turning off the data saver in Instagram settings > account. You can cure this problem permanently.

This is suddenly happening because there are lots of influencers creating short videos about it. To save your mobile data just turn on the setting and blah blah blah. But here is the truth that when you have done this setting it will automatically decrease your photo quality and even your story quality. That means your story is gonna blur and simultaneously your images also. Even in some cases images and stories don’t have that contrast & clarity kind of thing.

I hope this will help you to fix the Instagram story blur error/issue. Let me know in the comments what Instagram handle I will follow you up there. Why? Because I want to connect with you.

So don’t forget to comment on your Instagram handle below. I will make sure to follow you on Instagram and let me know if this article is helpful for you and remember only 0.01% of people will comment

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