This Happen After Clearing Cache on Instagram

You might want to clear the cache on Instagram but have a burning question in mind: What happens after clearing the cache of the Instagram app? 

Today’s article will answer everything about clearing the cache of the Instagram app. An answering question like Will clearing cache delete pictures on Instagram? This is precisely what happened when I cleared the cache on the Instagram app.

When you Clear Instagram App’s Cache, This happens

Instagram app running on a smartphone where the login window is opened with the hover test of clearing instagram cache

When a user clears the cache of the app, it removes all the redundant files that are not useful. 

These files improve the speed of app opening. It removes the temp files, which can run the app without the internet. When the cached files are cleaned, it removes the download profiles, some of your loaded chats, and uploaded posts, but it won’t delete them from your Instagram account. Nor the Instagram account will be deleted after deleting the app’s cached data.

Video Which Shows What Happens After Deleting Instagram Cache

For a simple understanding, we recorded a video that shows you what happens after clearing the cache.

When Cleared the Cache of Instagram App: Report

As you can see in the video above, you would find that nothing happened after deleting the app’s cached data from the device settings. Moreover, I recorded another video tutorial that shows what Instagram cache is.

As per the video, when you clear the cached data of the Instagram app, you will find it even without the internet.

Video Shows How Instagram App Cache Works

Instagram is running a few of its features, like still showing the past chats with various persons, the primary Instagram feed, and some posts.


What does clear cache Instagram do? It removes the temporary files for the app, mainly used to improve its performance. It removes the cached thumbnail files, which will re-download when connected. When cleared, it won’t delete any Instagram posts, including reels, photos, stories, or bio.

I hope you find the article helpful, have a nice day.

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