5 Easy ways to Turn on Dark Mode on Instagram App and Web

This is the guide to Turning on Dark mode on Instagram on Instagram App or the Web version.

Here we have mentioned all 5 Methods, which are easy to follow and can easily enable the dark mode on Instagram web and in-app.

So, Without taking any more seconds to get the dark Theme.

5 Easy Ways to Get Dark Mode on Instagram: Apps and Web

Instagram Dark Mode

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Enable Dark Mode on Instagram App

Below are the two methods to enable the dark Mode app.

Method 1: Enable Dark Mode on App

To get this done, follow the below-given procedure.

  • Tap on the Profile (from the bottom right side).
  • Now tap on the three lines and get into settings.
  • Here select the Theme.
  • Now select the ‘Dark.’
Tap on Profile IG
Step 1.
Instagarm Settings Menu
Step 2: get into settings.
Instagram App Dark Mode option
Step 3: Tap on Theme > Select Dark.

Method 2: Turn on Dark Mode IG App from Smartphone settings

The IG app must follow the steps to turn on the dark mode.

  • Open the Instagram app.
  • Now open the mobile settings.
  • Search for Dark mode and enable it.
  • Then open the Instagram app again.
  • This time Instagram will work in Dark mode.
Smartphone Dark Mode

Summing Up App Ways

To enable the dark mode on instagram app there’s two ways, First by turning on the dark mode theme from the instagram app settings or from the Smartphones dark mode.

Enable Dark Mode Instagram Web

Below I’ll be sharing the two ways to Turn on dark mode on Instagram web. The method can apply to any browser, any OS.

Method 1: Enable Dark Mode Instagram Desktop/Web

Now, if you’re the person looking to Turn on Instagram Web’s Dark Mode, this is for you.

  • Open Instagram.com.
  • Now open a new tab and type chrome://flags > Search dark mode.
  • Here enable the Dark Mode.
  • Come back to the Instagram tab again. Now it’s in dark mode.
Enabling the Dark mode with Chrome flags
After searching: chrome://flags.

Method 2: Turn on Dark Mode On Instagram Desktop/Web Version

Here we are going to view the Instagram Web or the desktop version and how to turn on dark mode on it.

We are doing this with the help of the Chrome extension or the plugin.

  • Download the ‘Dark Mode’ Chrome extension.
  • Tap on the plugin and select the Dark tower.
  • After selecting it, Dark mode will enable the Instagram desktop.
Dark Mode Chrome Extension Download
Click on image to download.
Dark mode and Night shift

Moreover, this extension has a bonus feature.

In this Dark mode extension, there’s a “Night Shift” feature.

What it does is: it enables the night shift; suppose you’re working on the screen at night and don’t wanna enable it.

So this will dim the brightness. No, Not in the manner where you can’t see things.

This is beneficial for the eyes.

Instagram Without Night ShiftInstagram Night Shift On

Method 3: Can be Applicable to any Browser

Here’s a trick to get into dark mode on any browser; the OS does not matter.

Yes! This method can follow it on Windows, Macs, Android, and even iOS/

  • Open Instagram.com.
  • Now at the end add ?theme=dark (after com/).
  • And hit enter.

Instagram.com Dark Mode Exclusive

  • Open Instagram.com.
  • Tap on the Profile.
  • Click on Switch appearance.

Summing Up desktop Ways

To enable the dark mode on any desktop or web version, Add a chrome extension called Dark mode, Enable the Dark mode from Chrome://flags or use the dark at the end of the Instagram URL.

This is the Short and sweet tutorial to turn on dark mode on the instagram app and the instagram’s desktop and the web version.

I hope you found it useful.

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