Instagram Videos Not Playing? Here are the Best Fixes 2022

Videos Not Playing On Instagram: Learn How to Fix. 5 Easy Solutions. Learn Why Instagram videos not playing/streaming. Easy-to-follow.
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Instagram Video Not Playing:This could be due to the app’s cache or due to a bad internet connection. Moreover, Video has been deleted by the publisher; it can also be the reason why IG Videos are not playing. So you don’t need to think anymore “why Instagram videos are not playing“. That’s the reason. Let’s see How to Fix If Videos are not Playing on Instagram. 

Using Instagram is super easy but using its tons of features can be difficult. Instagram releases a new feature every 2-3 months. Whether it’s mute/Unmute, Adding music to stories, Etc. 

In this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to fix Instagram when its videos are not playing. Few Instagram users are suffering from this. Even I suffered in my time. Anyways let’s get started. 

Instagram Video Not Playing Fix

Here are some that you can try when IG videos are not playing. Sometimes streaming can be difficult when the poor establishment of the app and network is not done. Anyways here are some methods to fix it. Right Now.

Check Network Connection 

Yes! Sometimes the internet can be the culprit of video playing on insta. TO Play a video on Instagram you need to check your current network connection. Is it working or not? Other apps are working or not. In Past, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook were down. Although this could be the scenario why it’s not playing.

Clear The App’s Cache/Data

By clearing the cache and app data this issue can be solved and the video will start playing. TO Clear the cache/app data you can read this. Sometimes the app data is being corrupted because of not restarting your phone or not playing the app for a long time.

Many users faced this error, I got tons of comments every day that the app stopped working or the XYZ app started crashing. The only method is to clear the Instagram app cache and all the data.

NOTE: Clearing app data can log out your Instagram account from the app.

Clearing the RAM 

Yup! RAM Stands for random access memory! OOPS, WHat an Information. Kidding:). But honestly, your phone’s RAM can be the culprit behind the videos not playing. To fix it you need to clear all the background running apps to make the videos stream again. 

Although another method to clear apps from the RAM is by stopping the app. Or by getting into Settings > Storage > Process > Stop App. Note: Don’t Stop the System Apps or Google Apps. 

Updating can fix it

Another main reason is outdated apps. Outdated apps are the real culprit behind the videos not playing. Because these apps are running for the older versions of the device or Instagram’s developer updated their working mechanism so that you can stream videos on Instagram. 

You can even update it by clearing the app’s cache. This can be more beneficial.

Not Enough Storage

Maybe your smartphone’s storage is full, or almost at the stage where it makes your smartphone hang. You have to free up the internal storage although the SD Crad’s storage when the Instagram app is installed/stored on the External storage.


That’s how you can fix Instagram videos not playing or streaming on android or ios devices. However the Summary of the tutorial is; To Fix the Instagram videos not playing then you have to clear the app’s cache/data, Uninstall & Reinstall, Freeing up the storage. Moreover Updating the Instagram app can make all the videos start playing/streaming again.

I hope this article is helpful for you. Let me know your INSTA Username in the comments SO I will make sure to interact with you 

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