5 Ways to Fix Vanish Mode Not Working [All errors]

5 Ways have been mentioned to fix the Instagram Vanish mode all errors, if not working. Or the vanish mode is not enabled. An Instagram guide.

Vanish mode is helpful if you want to chat more privately. But what if Vanish Mode is not working on Instagram? How to fix it?

Today’s article is all about How to Fix Vanish Mode not working. In today’s article, I will share all the steps I’ve taken when I want to chat with someone special privately in the vanish mode, but I can’t.

I don’t want you to suffer from that anymore, dive into troubleshooting. Method number 2 worked for almost 57% of the people. And at last, I have shared all the steps to be taken.

Learn in the BackDroid style to Fix:

If Vanish mode is not working or enabling Instagram, chances are it can be fixed by Logging out from all the accounts and then updating the app or fixed by clearing all the app’s data.

How to Fix Vanish Mode not Working: 5 Steps to Fix vanish chat mode

5 Ways to Fix Vanish Mode Not Working

Below I’ll be sharing all the ways you should try to fix the vanish mode not working. Or to enable vanish mode on the Instagram app. It is part of the Instagram Guide.

1. Enroll for Beta Update

Beta tester is the best way you can try to get the latest update for Instagram before it’s available to others in the world.

I enrolled for the Instagram beta tester to get the vanish mode function.

Join the Beta program Google Play

So, join yourself in the Play Store’s Instagram beta test. As usual, there’s something good about something and some bad things too. Sometimes it won’t update, so read this to fix INSTA not updating.

How to Join for Beta tester

  1. Search for the Instagram app on Google Play.
  2. Scroll down on the Page.
  3. Tap on ‘Join.’

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2. Log out from the Instagram accounts

Instagram Multiple accounts

Log out from all of your Instagram accounts. It can impact your updates; for me, I updated my Instagram app from the beta version too. 

But there’s no vanish mode yet. So, one switched to another IG account, and then I discovered that Vanish was working on that Account.

Maybe the reason is some bug or dysfunction.

In Short, Instagram only gets an update for a single Instagram handle (Account).

After Logout, then Update the App.

After logging out then, update the Instagram app. It will fix the vanish mode. 

3. Report the issue to the Developers

Every app on the Google Play store has developer contact support, which can help users ask their queries to solve them.

developer contact instagram from the google play

Reposting the errors of Vanish mode to the Instagram developer can let them know that in your device model, specify Vanish mode is not working or not supported. Then they would fix it by updating the application.

To report your issue to the developer, we have a dedicated article: click to read how to repost the problems to developers on Android.

4. Clear All The Data

clear the cache of Instagram - FIX CRASH

It clears out the cached and other data like the Account and its password. It won’t affect your Account but will delete the saved information or the posts you edited using the app.

For me, It works like magic. It makes the Vanish mode work on some of my devices.

Read it to clear all data on Instagram or the cached Instagram data.

5. Restart the Device

Something restarting the device can clear out the excess data automatically, and doing a restart two or more times can make it easier.

Restart Phone

It can fix the vanish mode not working very soon. That is something you should try today.

Some of these ways can also fix Instagram Pictures Not Loading.

Before you do, read the list of things that you should try if nothing works out: 

All the Steps to Fix the Vanish Mode on Instagram Not Working

  • Clear the Instagram cached files.
  • Sign out and Sign in Again.
  • Update the App.
  • Uninstall any recent Instagram updates.
  • Restart the Smartphone.
  • Clear out all background running apps.
  • Check the Internet connection.
  • Reboot from Safe mode.

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This article ended here. Today we showed all the ways to fix the Instagram Vanish mode not working and shared all the actionable steps to make the vanish mode start working.

I can assure you that if you try all the five significant steps, then Vanish mode will start working.

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