What does Instagram handle mean? | What is Instagram Handle?

What is Instagram handle, How does it looks like, and Exactly what definition of a Unique username on Instagram?

What does Instagram handle mean: If you ever had this question in your mind or anyone told you to follow him on all social media handles, what does it mean? Let’s find out.

Youtubers and videos in which people say go and follow all my Instagram handles. What does it mean? 

Instagram app running from the smartphone on which the Instagram handle text is written

What is Instagram Handle?

Instagram handles stand for actual user names that are being used to navigate to a person’s profile. For instance, if someone says here is my Instagram handle, it directly means the person is showing his Instagram username that you could find on the app. 

What does Instagram handle mean?

In a broader sense, the Instagram handle stands for Instagram username. To an extent, the URL of an Instagram handle like instagram.com/thekunalkashyap_ is a Uniform Resource Locator. Because every Instagram user has a unique username which stands for insta handles. 

This is what the Instagram handle looks like in the URL.
This is what the Instagram handle looks like in the URL.

Next time someone tells you to follow him on his Instagram handle, remember that he is telling you to follow him on Instagram and show his username to search the app or website.

Nothing is too confusing about Insta handles. The Instagram handles are equal to the Instagram username, and the Instagram username equals to Instagram URL. Here is how you can get your profile URL from the app. 

An Instagram Handle Example

check Instagram username
thekunnalkashyap_ is an example of an Instagram handle.

An Instagram handle is the username of a profile. If you want to know the Instagram handle, tap on profile on the app > On the top, the insta Handel is showing. The Instagram username itself is known as the Instagram handle.

Some Instagram Handles Example

  • backdroidcom
  • thekunalkashyap_
  • theruchikashyap

Above are the actual IG handle which simply stands for the Username or the unique account name.

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