Why isn’t Instagram sending me a code? Way to fix Instagram Code Not Received

Why isn’t Instagram sending me a code? Trying to reset your Instagram password or change it then you might require an OTP code. 

But the moment when Instagram is not sending you a code that there could be a reason on your phone.

Every person on the internet is like why isn’t Instagram sending me to code then there could be a few reasons why isn’t Instagram sending OTP to you. 

Below are all the reasons why Instagram is not sending the OTP code. And also how you can fix it. 

1. Low Network Coverage

Sometimes Instagram is not the culprit. Instagram has already sent you a code but the network coverage issue is causing you to not receive the code. 

2. Try to restart your phone or change the location. 

These are two things you can do when you won’t get code from Instagram. 

For instance, when I was not receiving the Instagram reset code, I restarted my smartphone and moved my phone from one room to another one which is a little bit open and has windows.

Believe it or not, this time I got the code and entered it into Instagram, and successfully reset my password. 

3. Try Sending A Code Again

If you are waiting a long time for the Instagram code but still not getting it then you should try to re-send code from the Instagram app because Instagram gives you the ability to resend the code because sometimes there is an internal server issue that happening on Instagram for that reason you are not supposed to getting a code. 

Try again from the app so you can get it this time. 

4. Do it after 5 minutes

Like there was sometimes when we are too conscious about the code like why I am not receiving the Instagram reset code. 

If you are not receiving the code then there could be a few issues behind it, maybe Instagram servers are busy and sending code to other or sim operators is busy handling other things. 

So try to wait for at least 5 to 10 minutes and then try again because when you try a lot then you will get a restriction from Instagram to send another code. 

This also happened to me when I tried to send code too many times but didn’t receive any then I just lost all my hopes. 

After an hour I got around 11 Instagram codes. Moreover, I can’t use them. 

So sometimes waiting is a beneficial thing that you could do. 

Conclusion: Instagram Code Not Received

So that’s all you can do when you are not receiving Instagram code or if you have the question why isn’t Instagram sending with the code then that’s what you should do when not receiving. 

I hope it will teach you a lot. I also shared some of my examples while receiving Instagram OTP on the Instagram Codes to reset passwords.

Ruchi Kashyap
Ruchi Kashyap

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